My New Book
Sober Alcohol Free Self Help Book

What started as a simple way to keep himself accountable in sobriety turned out to be a life-changing journey of self and world discovery. J.W. originally sought out to write a blog for every day he stayed sober. Throughout his first 101-days of sobriety, he realized he had stumbled upon something much more powerful than a memoir about his sobriety. He found a vast disparity existed between his experience and the experience of others in sobriety. He called sobriety easy, others called it horrifically difficult. As a result, J.W. has set out on a quest to uncover the elusive reasons why there is such a disparity in the experiences of people in sobriety. J.W. decided to publish his first 101-days of sobriety blogs with reflections, tips, and resources in an effort to help others experience an easier time with sobriety. 


While publishing his first 101-days of sobriety is a positive first step, he is far from completing his ultimate goal of helping others achieve what he calls, easy sobriety. J.W. is already working on his follow-up book titled, Easy Sobriety, which lays out in more detail the path he believes will help people achieve easy sobriety as he did.

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