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Thank You!

This is the longest I have gone between blog posts since I started writing my blog, Sober Militia. If you are someone who looks forward to or relies on these blogs, I am sorry. This last week was a little crazy, and while I would like to say things are returning to some state of normalcy, I honestly do not think there is much truth in that belief. For those of you unaware, I launched my first sober book, "Alcohol-Free Straight Up with a Twist" on the 29th of April and it did very well out of the gate. Within twenty-four hours, my book reached #1 International Bestseller status in three countries and Bestseller status in over thirty categories and four countries. While the success of my book, out of the gate, was a surprise, what surprised me, even more, was the abundance of support I received from people I do not even know, yet. I say yet because I would like to eventually get to know everyone who has supported me on this incredible journey. It is my hope to be present and approachable to everyone who has taken the time to support me and my book. Now that things have settled down a bit I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of you for your incredible support.

For those of you new to this blog, here is a little background behind Sober Militia. I started writing this blog on day one of my sobriety and continued writing every day as a way to keep myself accountable. I quickly realized my writing was not only helping me, but it was also helping others. As I dug deeper into the sober community, it came to my attention not everyone was experiencing sobriety in the same way as me. Since my sobriety was rather easy, I wanted to try and figure out how to help others achieve a more easy sobriety too. I kept writing, researching, and talking with people in the community to try and better understand the disparity in people's sober experiences. It has become a passion and lifelong goal of mine to figure out how to articulate and pass along my experience to others. "Alcohol-Free Straight Up with a Twist" was my first book and it takes the reader on a real-time journey through the first 101-days of sobriety. In my book, I also reflect on my experience after the fact as well as offer some new insights I learned along the way. I hope it will resonate with people taking those first steps on a sober journey.

Since those first 101-days, I have continued writing and refining my beliefs about the sober experience. I have a long way to go, but I know I am getting closer every day to finding a better way of helping others with this horrific and worldwide epidemic. Everyone who took the time to support me with my first book is helping to motivate me to continue on my journey of what I am starting to call, sober enlightenment. What does that mean? I think it means getting to the point of complete clarity about what it means to be sober, recovered, alcohol-free, or free in general. It means finding a place where we are not simply living day to day without drinking but living day to day more fully because we are not drinking. It means understanding the stupidity and downright wrongness behind the society of alcohol. It means truly acknowledging and accepting our relationship with alcohol and taking the necessary actions to reclaim our lives and our happiness. Sober enlightenment is a place of emotional and spiritual peace we lost a long time ago or may never have had to begin with. I said this a long time ago and it still stands true today, "As long as people keep reading my blog and listening to my podcast, I will continue to write and record about my beliefs and experiences. I am so happy you all kept reading and listening as you have helped me find a renewed passion for life. Thank you!

The amazing support I have received began at home. As many of you know, my partner and I quit drinking together. Well, mostly together, she quit about thirteen days before me because I was still dealing with coming off nicotine and wasn't ready to quit drinking when she did. Nevertheless, I did shortly thereafter and we have supported each other ever since. My partner has been the single greatest supporter I have ever had. She not only supports me in my sobriety but in my writing as well. She pushed me to want to be a better and more succinct writer. She has been my biggest fan and most reliable critic. My son, too, has been supportive throughout this journey. He had to put up with many hours of my writing, editing, and recording. He has never even batted an eye when I told him I could not do something he wanted to do because I had something to do in regard to my writing. My parents have been there with me along the way as well. This familial support network has been incredibly valuable and important to me and I could not be more grateful for all of my family.

While family, on some level, may have somewhat of an inherent obligation to be supportive, one of the biggest surprises, for me, was the amount of support from all the people who do not really know me. It takes a certain amount of trust to follow someone in the way you all have followed me. I know trusting someone you do not yet know is not easy, so it means the world to me when people give me their trust and follow me and my work somewhat blindly. I hope I live up to the expectations you bring with you when you take the time to read or listen to my work. I hope my stories, experiences, and lessons learned resonate in a way that offers some insight into your own experiences. I hope you can meld my experiences with your own and create new and independent beliefs you carry with you on your successful and easy sobriety. I hope you find my work worthy of passing on to others, and I hope I hear from all of you about your thoughts, experiences, and success. I truly hope to be a part of a much larger group of people who perpetuate positive and easy sobriety. It is my belief easy sobriety is not only possible but also incredibly probable, but I need all of your help to spread the positive words, labels, and beliefs out into the world. People need to know it is possible before they have a chance of believing it is an option. Are you willing to help me?

As I wrap up my first blog since publishing my new sober book, I cannot truly express the gratitude, love, inspiration, and hope I feel from all of you and your amazing support. It means so much to me to know you are out there reading my book and blog, listening to my podcast, and spreading the positive words of living alcohol-free. I appreciate your helping me create a supportive, inclusive, and positive environment for anyone interested in living their best life without the constraints imposed by alcohol. I get excited every time I see one of your posts on social media about living a good life, reaching another milestone, or simply posting a photograph of something like a sunset you probably disregarded for many years. The beauty surrounding us every day is truly overwhelming and all-consuming. It's amazing how much more meaning we can garner from a single day of living alcohol-free, not to mention the rest of our lives. Can you imagine what we can accomplish as a society of aware, goal-oriented, happy, and inspired people? There are truly no limits to what we can do as an alcohol-free community.

Again, thank you all for supporting my book and me. It has already been a success but we are not finished. I humbly ask for your continued support in spreading the word about, "Alcohol-Free Straight Up with a Twist." Even if you do not want to purchase it, please let people know there are other options available for seeking successful sobriety. I also ask you to help me ignite more conversations about sobriety and the society of alcohol. Together, we need to create a greater awareness of the problems alcohol creates for us as individuals, couples, families, communities, societies, and humanity. It is no longer okay to ignore the blinding truth facing us and our families every day. It is time to step up, it is time to speak up, it is time to make some real change, and it is time to all of this together.

If you want to be a bigger part of the Sober Militia, become a Member of my website, or join my Sober Militia Facebook group. Until my next blog, stay safe, stay strong, and stay sober.

Thank You!

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