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A New Blog Schedule

After a lot of reflection, consideration, and wonderfully insightful conversations with L, I have decided it is time to scale back on my blog writing and posting schedule a little. In all honesty, it is actually a little sad for me to even think about not writing a blog and posting every day. I have been posting blogs since the day I quit drinking, January 19th, 2020, and it has been both inspiring and insightful to my sobriety journey. However, while I know it has been incredibly helpful for me to write about my experiences every day, I have many goals I have set for myself since I began my sober journey. One of those goals is to publish my first 101 days of sobriety as a book with insight and reflections about my experience during that time. I am excited to wrap that up and put it out into the world. Another project I have been working on is my novel. The first draft is complete and I will begin the editing and rewriting process for that now too. These two projects will keep me busy writing every day and doing what I love.

Blog and Podcast Schedule

Here is what I have decided to do with my blog. I will continue writing my sober blog and recording podcasts but on a reduced schedule. My plan is to post a new blog/podcast every Monday and Thursday in the morning. I will continue to try and connect with other people working in sobriety for videocast discussions and Sober Happy Hours, etc... I have also reached out to my Facebook group for people who are willing to share their stories and anyone who reads this blog is welcome to contact me for that as well. I think these stories will be especially helpful for those who are sober curious and have not yet taken that first step into recovery. You can contact me here if you are interested.

I hope you will continue to support my writing, my blog, and my podcast. Everyone with whom I have come into contact and even those of you I have not, have inspired me to stay on my path and pushing forward as I continue to grow and find my place in the world.

Subscribe for Notifications

If you have not yet done so, you can subscribe to my blog to receive notifications when I post a new blog and podcast. Subscribe here. You can also become a member of my site if you want to be a part of forum discussions and other activities for members only here. All of my social media handles are the same for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter: @xstopwriting.

Tomorrow, I will begin writing my blog on the new schedule starting with part two of my easy sobriety series I started yesterday. This has had an interesting response, which was to be expected, and I am excited to pursue my thoughts regarding how we can and should change the way we view and approach sobriety. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and views on this controversial topic.

Have a great rest of your weekend. Stay strong, stay safe, stay sober.

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