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Easy Sobriety

If you have been following my blog for any amount of time, you know that I like to find concepts to write about over a period of time. In the beginning, I wrote about my beginning journey of sobriety and my day-to-day experiences. Later I spent some time writing about the ABCs of Sobriety, which was fun and forced me to envoke my creative side a little. After that, I wrote about Sobriety Myths and then moved on to the Joys of Sobriety. Most recently I have written about Core Beliefs in sobriety and lastly Sitting with Discomfort. I enjoy writing blog series because it allows me time to work through different ideas, receive feedback from readers, and most importantly, it reminds me of what I am doing and why I started this journey in the first place.

Last night I asked L about her thoughts on the direction my writing has gone and we ended up having an insightful conversation about sobriety. From the beginning of my sobriety blog writing journey, I have been playing with an idea that is probably not going to be popular with the masses. Because of this, I have not delved into it too much but I have mentioned it from time to time. After my conversation with L last night, it occurred to me that maybe it is time for me to pursue my truest feelings about sobriety, addiction, and mindfulness. Maybe it is time to begin exploring my most honest thoughts about my personal experiences and share them in the hopes that others may relate and have the opportunity to experience the same experience I have had in sobriety. Maybe it's time for brutal honesty.

Sobriety is Easy

In my experience, sobriety has been incredibly easy. I know there are many factors as to why this is the case for me and that is why I am going to spend some time writing about them. It's important to note though that I didn't know my sobriety was easy at first. In the beginning, I just dug into my own personal program and didn't pay much attention to what was going on. As I settled into my sobriety, however, I began craving and seeking more information from others. I wanted to talk with people about sobriety and learn more about how everyone else walked down their own sober paths. What I found was quite shocking to me. I quickly realized that most people were not having an easy time with sobriety. The common themes that came up revolved around struggle, pain, sadness, apathy, and discouragement. Most of the stories I heard were not stories of success and triumph; they were stories of the debauchery that took place before sobriety. The information I was learning about sobriety did not encourage me, it made me sad, it confused me, it made me want to do something. So, I began doing some things in an effort to help, wherever I could. I kept my sober blog going, I started recording podcasts, I hosted online sober meetings, I found other people working in sobriety to do videocasts with, I reached out to those seeking help, I did whatever I could to try and be of service to my newfound addiction community.

With all this in mind, a thought began to take shape and has been pestering me for quite some time. As I said earlier, I have mentioned it before but have refrained from digging into it deeper because it is a thought that my sober community may not receive well. While I understand why this is true, I can't help but acknowledge that this thought has been hanging around for almost five months now and it may have some credence in the ever-changing and evolving mystical realm of addiction. The thought that has been forming was conceived the day I realized my experience with alcohol and sobriety is not the same as many others. The thought is that, to me, sobriety has been easy.

Easy and Hard Sobriety

For anyone that has not experienced easy sobriety, simply hearing those words may justifyingly conjure up some bad feelings. I do not in any way wish to divide our community by expressing my opinions and truths about my sobriety, but I am aware of that potential. It is my hope that if you are one of those people who have not experienced easy sobriety that you can at least hold an open mind toward my beliefs as to why I have experienced an easier time than others on this elusive path toward sobriety.

Like everything in life, there are always multiple approaches to solving a problem. Mathematics is a great example of how different approaches can have drastically different paths towards the same end result. When given a certain equation to solve, one person may approach the problem from an angle that leads them down a clear and concise path to the final and correct answer. Another person may approach the problem from a different angle and while they may reach the same correct answer, their path may be much longer, more difficult, and more challenging. I believe the path to sobriety is very similar to a mathematical equation. I will concede immediately, however, that not everyone is able to embark on the same path and the path to sobriety may look a little different for every person. With that said, I believe that every path to a solution has multiple alternative paths; some of which require more time, steps, and patience than others.

For reasons I will write about throughout this Easy Sobriety series, I have been fortunate to find a path that has been easy, that has been encouraging, that has been productive, and that has been; dare I say, fun. Please remember that we all have our own experiences in life and while this is only my perspective, I have heard others express similar experiences as well. I hope you will remain open to the idea that my experience may not only be possible but plausible for you as well.

The path to easy sobriety begins with a choice.

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