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After 101 Days of Sobriety

I honestly cannot believe the time has come to begin a new writing adventure with my sober blog. I set and completed my original goal of writing every day for 30 days. After that, I set a new goal and continued writing every day for 101 days. I have now reached that goal. Writing about

my journey has been both insightful and enlightening. I have learned more about myself than I ever thought possible through my writing and I learned a lot about people like myself who are walking their own sober paths and who have reached out to me to share their journeys. I never imagined my decision to quit drinking would so quickly afford me the opportunity to begin walking down a brand new and never before traversed trail of my life. Nor did I imagine that trail would allow me the ability to cross paths with so many amazing and like-minded people. I feel both blessed and inspired to trudge forth with the sole intention of walking a new line and living my very best life, for me.

A New Direction

I woke up this morning and ambled through my morning routine of making coffee, checking up on my social media accounts, and checking in on a few people with whom I maintain consistent contact. I sat on the sofa and thought about where I want this new blog to go and to be honest, I have struggled a little bit because I was in such a zone with the ABCs of Sobriety and some of the other directions I took my original Sober blog. After a little while, I made the decision to begin a new blog and to leave the 101 Days of Sobriety as a separate entity since I will be turning that into a book in the near future. With that decision, I pulled up my unpublished website I have been toying around with and decided it was time to make my new blog part of my website and to begin writing through my XstopWriting dot com name. So, here we are on a brand new journey together.

Every time I see or say the words 101 days, I honestly feel a little gitty. I texted my therapist yesterday to tell her I was on day 101 and she was as excited as me to hear that I reached my initial goal, which felt nice. If you have been following this blog, you also know that I have an important and somewhat scary milestone coming up that I had set for myself back in February. The first goal I set was to finish writing a rough draft of my novel by my birthday, April 30th, 2020. I have completed that goal. The other goal I set was this: If I maintained my sobriety and continued setting and completing my goals until my birthday, I would quit therapy and begin tackling life on my own. Well, that time is quickly approaching and Thursday will be my last therapy session with the woman who has effectively helped me forever alter the landscape of my life. While I am excited to have completed all the goals I went to therapy to achieve, it will be with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to such a magnificent human being.

Thank You!

As I write this first of many new blog posts moving forward into my life of sobriety after the first 101 days, I feel immense gratitude for all the positive and affirming people I have met and events that have taken place in my recent past. I look forward to continuing on with my Facebook group where I host online sober meetings and have now incorporated a mentoring program for anyone interested in finding a sober mentor or who might like to mentor others. It's a new addition to the group and one I hope will take hold soon. I will continue to experiment with the sober YouTube videos as well, not because I think they are that helpful, but because for some reason I really like doing them. I think it is because I am aware that I am not very good at it, yet, and I tend to like to be good at everything I do, so it is a challenge of sorts.

I would also like to say thank you to everyone who has ever taken the time to read even one of my blog posts. I know our days and lives can be very busy so you taking the time to read my words means the world to me and I hope I can continue to write content worthy of your attention. I am looking forward to exploring some new ideas I am currently unpacking in my mind for the new direction of this blog, so please stay tuned and be a little patient with me as I figure all of this out.

Stay strong, healthy, and sober.

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