J.W. Collier is a father, partner, author, blogger, podcaster, teacher, and football coach living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. He found his calling for writing after taking the giant life-step of quitting nicotine and alcohol. He quickly found, after quitting drinking, a large disparity between his experience and the experience of other people in sobriety. Most people tout sobriety as excruciatingly difficult. He found sobriety to be quite easy. Because of this, he made it a life goal to try and find ways to articulate the difference between easy and hard sobriety. One of the ways he is attempting to do this is with his first book, “Alcohol-Free, Straight Up with a Twist.” In this book, J.W. chronicles his journey of sobriety from day one after quitting drinking. He decided to write a blog to help keep him accountable and nothing has been the same ever since. He not only found a passion for people in sobriety, but also a passion for writing. Since blog one, he has continued to write his blog, The Sober Militia Blog, record podcasts, conduct videocast interviews with other people in sobriety, write books on sobriety, and run an online sober group.

Next, he will take his experience to the next level and write a follow-up book titled, “Easy Sobriety” in which he will outline the reasons why he believes sobriety has been perpetuated as hard for far too long. J.W. believes there are other ways to approach sobriety that do not require life-long labels such as “addict” and “in recovery.” He believes a person can graduate out of recovery and into a life of normalcy. J.W.’s views on sobriety are not of the norm. He believes choice and perception are the keys to unlocking the potential for easy sobriety. J.W. thinks a person need only believe easy sobriety to be plausible for it to be possible. 



J.W. Collier


I have written three novels and one Memoir. I also write a sober blog that details my sober journey after quitting alcohol. I am also a photographer currently trying to find my artistic path.

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